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Now we can set-up your new Vista Computer to
Dual-Boot with both Windows XP & VISTA, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1!

bulletIt's almost impossible to buy a new computer without Windows 8.1 on it these days. We still build new systems with both Windows XP & Windows 8.1 on them, but it's impossible to find new systems in the "Big Stores" built that way.
bulletIt's also nearly impossible to buy a new computer with just XP on it. It's also getting much harder to even find legal copies of Windows XP. We still have several legal copies of XP on hand.
bulletWe've got great news for you Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Vista Owners! We can set-up your new (or used) computer with both operating systems ... Windows 7,  Windows 8.1 or Vista AND XP!

Windows Vista Logo

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bulletWe'll set-up your computer so that when it boots up, YOU can CHOOSE which Operating System to boot into - XP or Windows 7 or Vista.
bulletWith these options you can enjoy the familiarity of Windows XP and also explore the new features of Windows Vista/7!
bulletThe other benefits include the big plus of knowing your old software and online games will still work with your new computer!
bulletIn some cases we can also set-up an older XP computer to Boot with Windows 7 or Vista as well. Contact us for details on this process. It all depends on whether drivers exists for your XP computer that are Windows 7 or Vista compatible. Call Gord for advice.

Dual Booting Windows 7or Windows 8.1 or Vista with Windows XP Benefits:

bulletBetter backwards compatibility of your programs and games.
bulletTime and flexibility to climb the rather steep learning curve that Vista presents.
bulletYou can use the next generation of software in Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Vista and then go back to the simplicity and reliability of Windows XP in a matter of minutes.
bulletIf either the XP or the alternate Windows drives malfunction, you still have the other.
bulletYou can actually get improved performance this way - we'll set the newer Windows OS drive to cache to the XP drive, and configure XP to cache to the newer Windows OS drive.
bulletWe'll also optimize both systems with Partitioning Software and automatic Defragmenting Software  - we set it and you forget it!

The Installation Process:

bulletFirst we'll partition your hard drive to make room for the new XP installation (or the newer Windows OS).
bulletWe then install XP (or newer Windows OS) and do all the required Windows updates.
bulletWe'll also install the rest of your software to work with the new Operating System (you must provide the CD's).
bulletYour printer and scanner software are also set-up for the new Operating System too (in-home option only).
bulletInstall & update your Anti-Virus and Windows Defender Anti Spyware.
bulletInstall Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave, Java and QuickTime Player.
bulletWe'll finally set-up a customized boot-up menu so you can choose which system you want to start your computer in.
bulletYou'll also get a short tutorial on how to access each Operating System.

The Cost:

bulletDropped Off & Picked Up:
bullet$500.00 - includes the cost of a new XP Home (or newer Windows OS) Operating System license.
bulletWe require your computer for about 48 hours.
bullet50% Deposit required on starting and the balance of the payment due on return or pickup of system.


bulletGive Us a call at 604-800-6810 or email  us for all the details now.
bulletCurrent Drop-off Depot location can be given to you if you leave a voicemail at 604-791-9728. We'll call you back with instructions.
bulletPut your name, address and phone number on a piece of paper (or your business card) taped on top of your computer.

Updated: September 12, 2017

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