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Scheduled & Ad-hoc Computer Maintenance

As your computer gets older and stores more data, it often slows down and becomes less reliable. pcMedix service technicians diagnose software and hardware issues that weaken your computerís performance. We can even set-up a regular maintenance schedule for you. Let us help you solve your computer woes.

Hardware Repair and Installation

You donít have to haul your computer to the repair shop every time it breaks down. Our Techies will come to your home or office on your schedule and can fix many hardware problems on the spot, including:

bulletHard Drives
bulletOperating Systems
bulletVideo and Sound Cards
bulletWireless Networks
bulletCD & DVD-ROM drives/burners
bulletCable, Wireless, DSL and Dialup Modems
bulletand more ....

pcMedix is also happy to recommend, supply and install the latest hardware devices to keep your computer system humming. Let us help. Contact us today.

Software Installation and Upgrades:

Our Techies install operating systems, common application software and productivity software at your convenience. Let us help.

Data Backup & Data Recovery Strategies:

Do you own just one set of car keys? If that set was lost or destroyed, what would you do? Similarly, itís much safer to store valuable computer data in more than one place. We can show you how to create backups easily, automatically. For those times when you forget the backup and are attacked by viruses or suffer hardware failures, we will attempt to recover your lost and corrupted files. Let us help. Contact us today.


Instant Housecall Remote Support

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