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PC running Slow??  Driving You Mad???
Check out our special tune-up deal:

Don't let spyware, virus issues and registry corruption slow down your PC or Laptop! Schedule an appointment for our time-limited PC Tune-Up special!!  Is your PC running slow? Do you get those annoying Pop-Ups? Does it take forever to browse the internet? If so, then you have probably fallen victim to one of the fastest growing computer problems to date - Spyware & Registry Corruption!!

bulletWhy pay a small fortune at one of our competitors to have them do what we can do for much less. You also risk the loss of all your photos, documents, email, addresses and favourites at these places! We will teach you how to keep your stuff backed up regularly. Plus, he takes the time to install updated Anti-Virus & Spyware software and explain it to you and set-up preventative maintenance measures to keep Spyware & Viruses off your system for good!

Check out Our Fantastic System Clean-Up/Tune-Up Special ...

bulletCall Us Now to arrange a thorough clean-up of your system and he will give it a full cleaning, inside and out. We'll make sure that your machine is not only virus protected but we'll install some of the latest and greatest anti-spyware applications & malware blockers to keep those unwanted nasties & registry corruption out of your system.
bulletPackage includes full system & registry clean-up.
bulletInterior cleaning and connection and cable check-up/re-seating.
bulletInstall Anti-Virus software with daily live updates.
bulletSpyware removal & Anti-Spyware applications installed and updated.
bulletWindows and all device drivers checked & updated as needed.
bulletSet-up a maintenance schedule and toolbox you can use with full instructions on performing your own regular computer maintenance.
bulletInstall maintenance software tools to do your own clean-ups and tweaking.
bulletAll this for only $149.99 $99.99! (that's $50 off)** 
bulletGive Us a call to schedule an appointment!
bulletDoes not apply to Business Services.


** This Special deal price ends on July 31, 2015.

bulletDoes not apply to serious virus infections, malware contamination, massive registry corruption or hardware malfunctions.
bulletAsk for a quote on these issues.
bulletEmail Us >>>

Updated: January 02, 2015

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